Junior Team Match vs. Ulen CC

    The CCC Junior Team played their last match of the season on Sunday, July 14th versus Ulen CC of Lebanon.  The weather was hot and the golf course played fast for the youngsters.  Though the Ulen team was short a few players, we were still able to send out 3 matches for the players to compete.  In the end, the CCC team was victorious with a score of 6 – 3.

    Both teams showed exemplary sportsmanship for their time together.  The main lesson learned over the course of this season was really how much fun the kids could have while also respecting each other, their opponents, and the course.  The parents of all the players in the league constantly expressed their enjoyment and gratefulness for this the first season for the Junior Team season.  We will continue to offer this program for years to come.  This season was truly a job well done for all those involved.  Thanks for participating.

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