Junior Golf Camp

    June 9-13th marked the CCC’s annual Junior Golf Camp.

    Head Professional, Tony Roth, uses a different method of teaching golf than other previously known methods.  He focuses more on skill development, coordination, athleticism, and fun.  “We must first teach the kids how to become athletes, before we can teach them to be golfers.”  This way of teaching is derived from the PGA Sports Academy and his education with the Titleist Performance Institute.  “We not only look at motor skill development, but also place a huge emphasis on stretching and nutrition.  We try to attack all aspects of the game of golf; not just taking turns hitting balls on the range.”

    This year’s Camp was sponsored by the Nunan Junior Golf Foundation.  All snacks, beverages, and Subway on Friday were paid for by the NJGF, primarily funded by the annual Nunan Open.  This year’s Nunan Open on June 29th is open to all members of the CCC and the public.