Countdown Funds Purchase New Items for Course

    The MGA and Countdown Committee purchased a variety of new furniture pieces for the golf course this Spring.  These new additions are replicas of the practice facility items adding to the overall updated look of the facility.

    New divot mix boxes have been set out at each of the Par 3 holes on the course.  These boxes are a lot taller than the previous models making it very easy to reach the sand scoops to fill your divots.

    New water cooler stations are an upgrade to our previous stands.   Look for them in the same areas as found before.

    New ball washers can be found on the course as well.  However, we have reduced the total number of units on the course.  Hint:  You really should be putting with a clean golf ball on each hole, why do we need to clean it before teeing on the next hole? (wink, wink)

    These new additions are a great look to Your Club and were a great investment of the Countdown funds.  Long lasting items to better serve the membership.

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