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Carroll/Whitecotton Win Member-Member

One of the best tournaments of the year, the 2013 Member-Member was played the weekend of June 22-23.  22 teams competed in this year's event, which was filled with low scores and great weather. The event begins on Saturday with the Scramble/Alternate Shot format, with the contest being handicapped accordingly.  The front nine of the golf course is played as a two man scramble, while the back nine is played as ...
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Junior League Hosts Purdue

    The Crawfordsville Country Club Junior League Team played Purdue for the second time in as many weeks on Saturday, June 15th.  In the team vs. team match play format, the Purdue squad posted 7 1/2 points, while the home team scored 4 1/2 points.

    The score never tells the story of how much the kids are learning and how much fun they are having.  It is an awesome sight to see players of their age and skill level support each other, applaud each team’s accomplishments, and celebrate each victory together.  Fun and sportsmanship are the foremost lessons to be learned and it is clear to see that our CCC team is full of both.

    Great job to both teams on a well played match!

    Junior League Match at Purdue

      Saturday, June 8th marked the second match for the CCC’s Junior League Team.  The team traveled to West Lafayette to take on the youngsters from the Birck Boilermaker Golf Complex at Ackerman Hills, the southern course at the facility.

      The day started off great as we were greeted with a bright, shiny sun that continued to shine all day.  A vast difference from the rainy conditions a week prior.  As always, the players were very excited to play the golf course, as we talked about how challenging it may be.  Highlighted by a birdie on the second hole by the team of Hunter Donaldson and Carson Tharp, the matches were very well contested and it was very evident that the players had gotten better from the first match.  Unfortunately, it was not good enough to beat the little Boilermakers.  Purdue won the match with a score of 9 1/2 to 2 1/2.  A job well done to both teams on a warm day on a difficult course.

      Thanks again to all the parents who attended the match.  It is awesome to see the camaraderie that exists between the players and parents of both teams.  What a great success!

      Junior Camp

        2013 marked the third year in which the CCC’s Junior Camp followed the PGA Sports Academy format.  This format emphasizes player development through Knowledge Tests, Physical Fitness, Nutrition, Skill Games, Golf and Near-Golf Activities.

        The camp is divided into a Beginner Level and and Advanced Level depending on the player’s age and ability.  The Advanced Level focuses more on golf-specific drills throughout the week and also get to spend some time playing on the course.  Putting, chipping, and pitching are emphasized the most, with the last day being the only day we hit drivers.

        The Beginner Level is geared more toward building athletes out of the youngsters, while teaching them basic movements that are needed for golf.  From walking on a balance beam to kicking soccer balls, throwing tennis balls, or hitting balls off of a tee with a tee ball bat, we stress the importance of critical body movements for building the best golf skills.

        Nutrition is a large part of the week as we provide each player with a healthy snack when they arrive and a sport drink.  The week is capped off by feeding the gang a 9 foot party sub from our local Subway.

        The highlight of the week has got to be the pool party.  Although the water was a bit chilly this year, all joined in on the fun.

        What a great week with a great bunch of young golfers!

        Family Fun Night at the Pool

        The first Family Fun Night of the year was June 6th from 5pm - 9pm at the CCC pool.   Numerous families joined in on the fun that included swimming, a cookout, and fun games for all.  Thanks to all who made this night possible and the many more to come at the Crawfordsville Country Club. Thanks for attending and we will see you at the next event! ...
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