Monthly Archives: April 2013

Practice Facility Flooded

    The Crawfordsville Country Club’s proximity to Sugar Creek offers a great view of the natural vegetation, flowering trees, and even the occasional deer.  Unfortunately, this proximity also puts us in a bad spot if the creek overflows.  The highest flood mark in over 100 years, on Friday, the Sugar Creek bank let loose a massive amount of water on to the practice facility.

    Over the course of the day on Friday the 19th, Sugar Creek flooded the entire driving range, including the elevated tee and elevated target greens.  We hope it recedes as quick as it flooded.  This is a key time for our new turf to establish itself this year.  Despite having to clear some debris, the thought is that the turf will withstand this water and we should be open as quickly as we can get it ready.  Be patient with us as we recover from Mother Nature.

    2nd Annual Masters Par 3 Contest

    Despite the rainy April weather, the 2nd Annual Masters Par 3 Contest at the CCC finished with 34 players participating.  After a weather delay on the Wednesday before the Masters, the remainder of the field of contestants finished on Thursday, albeit in the rain. Congratulations to Larry Pettit, who fired a -4 score of 23, on winning this year's installment of the Par 3 Contest.  Pettit was 2 strokes clear of ...
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    Maintenance Barn gets a New Concrete Floor

    On April 9th and 10th, Larry Pettit supervised a crew that installed a new concrete floor in the Maintenance Barn.  This project took a lot of planning and will improve our facility immensely.  Protecting the equipment needed for the maintenance of the course is of high priority, as you can imagine that amount of dollars that are spent on each piece of our equipment.  Having a dry floor to work ...
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